• Canvas 2020 Framing Highlights

    We made a lot of frames in 2020 so to round off the year, here are some of our favorite jobs from the last year.

  • covid-19 update - January 2021

    As we enter the new year it's only suiting that we post an up to date breakdown of what's currently going on and how the gallery is operating in the new year.
  • bespoke framing by canvas: OVERSIZED FRAMING

    Over the years we have done some pretty big jobs. From tapestries, snake skins, posters and prints. No job to big or too small*
  • bespoke framing by canvas: PAINT IT PINK

    Never one to shy away from a bit of colour, we went all our for this recent framing of a Limited edition Alana Barton print. . We framed up the p...
  • Covid-19 update - November 2020

    It's been a while now since we updated our customers with our current operating schedule and just general check in with you.
  • bespoke framing by canvas: THE TWIN PEAKS FRAME

    Let's talk a little bit about something extra special we recently completed
  • bespoke framing by canvas: EXPERIMENTING

    Every so often we like to break the rules and flex our creative muscles when it comes to framing.
  • bespoke framing by canvas: OBJECTS

    Thinking outside the box is something we often find ourselves doing when it comes to framing objects.
  • bespoke framing by canvas : THE COLLINS

    This style we have affectionately nicknamed The Collins after one of our favourite regulars, David.
  • bespoke framing by canvas: THE SUSPENDED FRAME

    One thing we love most about making our own frames in house is the ability to experiment with different concepts.
  • bespoke framing by canvas : THE TRAY FRAME

    Next on the list of iconic frames we do is the ever popular Tray Frame. The name says it all as the canvas sits in the frame, like a tray. 
  • about our recent rebrand

    You may have noticed some changes to our branding and visuals.

    Lets talk about the changes we recently announced, including our old branding