• bespoke framing by canvas: THE SUSPENDED FRAME

    One thing we love most about making our own frames in house is the ability to experiment with different concepts.
  • bespoke framing by canvas : THE TRAY FRAME

    Next on the list of iconic frames we do is the ever popular Tray Frame. The name says it all as the canvas sits in the frame, like a tray. 
  • about our recent rebrand

    You may have noticed some changes to our branding and visuals.

    Lets talk about the changes we recently announced, including our old branding

  • bespoke framing by canvas : THE UNA

    Following on from our series detailing some iconic canvas framing styles, let me introduce The Una Style.
  • bespoke framing by canvas

    Lets talk about our most iconic frames in a series of blogs detailing the styles we love the most.
  • the new canvas

    It's no secret by now that we've had some work done to the gallery, and you may be thinking 'but it was fine the way it was' but you'd be wrong.

    We are open (kind of) How we are reopening the gallery post-covid.

  • Bespoke Framing - Why Bother?

    Why not just go down to IKEA and grab a load of cheap, does-the-job white frames?
    Great question. We obviously have a strong opinion on cheap framing and mass-produced options so let's talk about bespoke framing.
  • Brompton Project

    Towards the end of last year we were pleased to work with Robert Gilmore Architects and his client, Kevin McWhinney on their new coastal state of the art development in Bangor.
  • Personal Art Consultancy Service

    Buying original artwork is a commitment, and we know it can be hard imagining a piece in your home. That's why we offer our free home consultancy service.

  • Home Visit with Tiffany Brien

    This week we took a trip down to see Tiffany Brien's new home and deliver some new artwork.

  • Art Delivery and Consulting

    This week we headed off in the van to meet with a customer of ours, Ian Young and delivery some special framing and chat about his new artwork.