• Float Mounted

    "Floating" or "float mounting" means that your artwork sits on top of the mount as opposed to having the window mount partially overlap the edge of the piece.

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  • Corner Details

    A great way to enhance a frame with small details is by adding splines, dowels or custom edges.

    We offer a range of metal dowels and custom paint styles as well as our signature splines.

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  • Tray

    Tray framing offers a glassless, contemporary framing solution that achieves a minimalist floating effect for your artwork.

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  • Solid Woods

    We offer a wide range of solid wood options along side our bespoke colours. From ash to tulip, oak to walnut, we also offer stains and varnishes to compliment your artwork

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  • Float Frame

    One of our most popular options for original pieces on canvas. For this style we mount the canvas to board, giving more space around the piece to build up the frame. Unlike the Tray style, this allows us to increase the size as desired.

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  • Slips

    The easiest way to add colour to a frame is by inserting a custom slip – a small slip of wood painted in any colour inside the lip of the selected moulding. Usually 1cm or ½ cm in size, they are also used as spacers for glass and mount board to create box and float frames.

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  • Double Tray

    Building out from our minimal tray style, we add an additional frame to the tray. This can be a functional way to add glass to the frame or add additional colours and scale.

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  • Speciality Frame

    For those extra special pieces, objects or memorabilia, we offer a high end service to keep your pieces safe for a lifetime.

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  • Scoops

    Scoop frames are placed on top of the piece, like a mount, to create depth and space in the frame. We offer several different styles from the more contemporary to traditional styles to suit the piece.

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What to expect

We take pride in providing innovative, contemporary framing using only the highest quality materials from our suppliers in the UK &Ireland.

Frame types available:

  • Bespoke frames
  • Bare or Finished wood frames
  • Ornate and metal frames
  • Box frames
  • Stained and hand painted frames
  • ArtGlass and Perspex glazing options

Picture framing services:

  • Canvas stretching
  • Conservation framing
  • Mount cutting
  • Reglazing
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