Esther O’Kelly is a visual artist based in Belfast. Her painting’s responds intuitively and spontaneously to the landscape.

‘I paint remembered landscapes, made from personal experience and an active engagement with the idea of place. I am inspired by how we form an understanding of our surroundings and how the lived experience can turn into an abstract expression. I attempt to include all aspects of memory, the impossible alignment of present, past and future.’

O’Kelly studied in The National College of Art and Design and now paints from her East Belfast Studio based in a former linen Mill. She is best known for her abstract works which are collected internationally.


‘Under the moniker NOTPOP I produce abstract shapes paired with disruptive colours which I then wrap in bespoke frames that follow the form of the subject within. The frame then becomes an extension of the subject rather than a complimenting element.

My subjects stem from a simple shape, a doodle or inspiration from the world around. I flatten the shape to become minimal and geometric, then using bold colour choices I play on the viewer’s perception by giving 2d shapes a 3d form. Any piece can be appreciated from many different angles, allowing the viewer or collector a chance to discover or rediscover new perspectives in the process. The work aims to capture a rhythm, a motion, a pattern or an illusion to find a satisfying balance within the chaos of everyday life’

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NOTPOP is Matthew Knight. 
My work is primarily about shapes, form and colour; I paint 3d forms on shaped canvas letting the subject's form dictate the frame. I use a symphony of bright and moody colours to help create impact. My aim is to make a body of work that fits somewhere between Pop Art and Abstract.
I work between my studio in Antrim and workshop in Tyrone where I am able to develop the frame as an extension of the canvas, each one bespoke. I am continually inspired by the simple shapes and patterns around us; a quick doodle turns into a more intricate piece of work with bold colour choices, and detailed framing. 
I am an artist/illustrator having exhibited in Belfast, Dublin, London, Amsterdam,Torino and Melbourne throughout the last 15 years.

Esther O'Kelly

Esther O’Kelly is a visual artist from Wexford, based in Belfast. Primarily working in paint, She graduated from The National College of Art and Design with an honours degree in Visual Communications, O’Kelly’s painting responds intuitively and spontaneously to the landscape. She is best know for her large scale abstract works.