Canvas Presents: Digging Deep by Emma Tweedie

Canvas Presents: Digging Deep by Emma Tweedie

"The act of painting is a form of introspective spadework, where I am constantly 'digging deep'. I call this my daily meditation and, when fully in the flow, it often feels like a spiritual rite of passage."

Emma Tweedie is an established artist who works between Northern Ireland and London. After completing her Foundation year at The University of Ulster, she went on to graduate from Northumbria University with a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. Since then Emma has enjoyed successful careers spanning the fashion, textiles and interiors sectors.

Painting professionally for the last six years, Emma has focused on developing her techniques and painting process. In 2019 she was shortlisted for two highly acclaimed International artist awards: The Sunny Art Prize, and the 100th Pebeo Mixed Media Award. In 2021 was selected to show at The Other Art Fair in conjunction with Saatchi Art, and she now has international representation including the brand new collaboration between Canvas Galleries and The Dead Rabbit in New York (CXTDR). The Evening Standard recently cited Emma's work in its 'top ten pick for nature inspired art', and most recently she was profiled in the AW22 edition of 'Art Seen' magazine, courtesy of London-based curator and award-winning art dealer Gita Joshi.

Her contemporary and impressionistic 'layer paintings' are highly textured and colourful yet still feel soft to look at. Each painting slowly draws the viewer in, where they discover a myriad of mark making.

Emma looks to her homeland for inspiration and particularly the land, sea and sky. Colour values are carefully considered, and the gentle application of colour creates an emotional impact, delicately balanced so that they feel harmonious and 'magical'.

"I have developed a powerful and co-dependant connection with nature. This is probably down to the fact I turned to it when growing up as a coping mechanism for dealing with the troubles. From expansive open spaces and the wild elements across the island of Ireland, to locations much further afield, all these places share the same unspoken, quiet power. Nature has always been my safe-haven, its richness and beauty remain a constant in my life, and it is integral to my wellbeing and self-identity".

Emma Tweedie, 2022
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