When you’re from a place where field and furrow, seaweed and shoreline, are never far away, your sense of self is tattooed with the colours, patterns and textures of the natural world. Tethered by the anchors of land, sea and sky, this collection of artworks explores the subject of self-identity in a realm of things less defined.

Nature has the power to take each of us on a deep and personal journey and our relationships with the natural world can be profound. Human consciousness finds its own connection points within the ancient wisdom and energy that resides there, enriching our sense of personal spirituality.

To cultivate a deeper sense of self; by exploring deeply and culturally encoded memories, ideologies, and emotions of a fractured land, the artist revisits places from childhood that need to be remembered and held, re-examining them within the context of the present.

Exploration of personal narratives and immersion in these unique land and seascapes, fans and re-ignites the embers of emotion and memory. With perspective and distance, messages and memories are filtered, maintained and held. These representations of past and present places are brought together in a series of paintings that act as a portrait of the artist as witness and interpreter.


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Available Artworks

Grounded by the spiritual anchors of land, sea and sky, Emma Tweedie's highly emotive landscapes explore a narrative based around the power of nature and its effects on human consciousness. Her paintings set out to unlock ancient wisdoms, the legacy of places and the unique energies that often reside in the landscape, as well as exploring metaphysical concepts including memory and spirituality. 
Having originally trained at Belfast Art College she went on to complete an arts degree at The University of Northumbria. Emma is an established artist dividing her time between her native homeland of Northern Ireland and her London studio. 
Having previously been shortlisted for the coveted Sunny International Award, and the 100th Pebeo International Mixed Media Awards, Emma was subsequently selected to exhibit at The Other Art Fair (Saatchi) cited as 'one to watch'. During 2023, she was invited as a 'selected artist' to exhibit her work at the prestigious Women in Art Fair (Mall Galleries/London) as part of Frieze Art Week. Her work is held in a number of private collections in the UK and Internationally, and has also featured in a number of leading magazines and newspapers including: Art Seen, Coast Magazine, Country Homes & Interiors, Northern Ireland Homes Interiors and Living, and The London Evening Standard. Emma is currently a member of ArtCan and Turps.