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Andrew Gault

Tread Softly

Tread Softly

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Original acrylic on canvas by Andrew Gault

40x30cm unframed

framed in white St Ives style

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The beautiful poem The Way by Edwin Muir inspired the title of this painting.
I paint landscapes in my studio, usually from drawings and scribbles in a tiny sketchbook which is usually in a corner of my coat pocket. Landscape (Co Antrim near Glenarm) is what we have lost. A chance conversation reminded me that Sal Sapit Omnia, and the smell of the sea on this road high in the hills above Glenarm is proof enough of how we all influence each other. We cannot change the journey behind us, but we can choose our own way forward.

“In the end each clan on the outlying coasts
beyond the whale-road had to yield to him
and begin to pay tribute. That was one good king.“

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