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Finn Guy

Peach Birds

Peach Birds

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Original mixed media with paper by Finn Guy

Finn Guy is a contemporary artist living and working in Northern Ireland having graduated from Belfast college of art she has worked in England, Botswana and Australia.
We move through the landscape as visitors, having worked in remote locations from the kalahari desert to Australian outback it was the beginning of my understanding of knowing your place, the marks left behind and their importance.To honour the memory of ancient traces of life. When we talk about the land we also talk about the sky they are hand in hand one looking at the other.
My practice is based on simple forms, colour, repetition and movement. Take a detail and repeat the small on scale has the capacity to allow the viewer to escape into the flowing delicate places between light and dark. It’s not the retelling of the land we travel through real or imaginary but what we put in and leave out the art of storytelling.

SOLD and currently displayed in The Dead Rabbit NYC
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