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Paloma King

Moon Over Valpariso

Moon Over Valpariso

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Original on canvas by Paloma King

150x150cm unframed canvas

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The Moon over Valpariso is titled from the place where one of my favourite poets, Pablo Neruda was born in Chile.

As a child I would frequently be talking to the moon and telling it my dreams and worries and found it to be a lovely confidant for me.

The wonky lines refer to the notes we may scribble on a scrap of paper that we tend to throw away and are sure that no one will ever see - often these scribbles, love notes, poems contain our truest thoughts, the ones we can’t even say out loud because we fear someone might laugh or find them foolish, but they really are at the essence of our being. This is why I put the gold leaf on them like little notes of a song. Gold leaf traditionally refers to the holy or sacred in art, for example in the icon paintings with the gold halo around the saint’s heads.

In a way the moon we all know so well is a safe space for our hearts dreams and so I hope this painting evokes a feeling of gentleness that we could have towards ourselves in our tender moments, and the milky warmth and comfort of a close and trusted friend.

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