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Andrew Cranley

Goldfish in a Jar in a Landscape

Goldfish in a Jar in a Landscape

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Original oil on linen canvas by Andrew Cranley

Andrew Cranley grew up on Carlingford Lough. He was surrounded by boats. Sailing was a year-round activity and always felt at home on the water. Cranley was fascinated by the colour and form of the hulls, sails, rigging and buoys - and how the water distorted and manipulated reflections on its ever-changing surface. These forms lend themselves to his style of painting perfectly and his work embraces the busy, overlapping, complex forms - filling the entire composition.
The compositions begin as small, gestural sketches and he's never entirely sure how these will translate in terms of colour, texture and form. The paintings begin quickly and organically but can take months of wrestling with before they finally come together. He is interested in building a surface celebrates the joy of paint and painting, from thick impasto paint to areas of raw canvas.
These works are as much about the paint as the depiction.
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