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Una O'Grady

Aran Island Memories on Slate

Aran Island Memories on Slate

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Original oil on slate by Una O'Grady

75x47cm roughly 

95x66cm framed with Hague Blue frame

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The slates that I use to create my (single, diptych and triptych) paintings are from our cowsheds. These slates have become dislodged over many years.

Our sheds date back to the 1800’s and are attached to an old stone farmhouse in a ‘courtyard’ shaped layout.  Architecturally it’s a wonderful example of an original Irish vernacular farmhouse and out buildings.  As far as I know, there aren’t many of these historic working buildings left in Ireland.

Although aesthetically pleasing, and displaying many of the original  features of the time, the buildings are slowly falling into disrepair.

 The slates that have fallen off the roof are broken and worn but this is what has drawn me towards them.  I see each one as a piece of art in its own right.  Each one is unique and has it’s own weather beaten story, irregularities and imperfect perimeter.

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