Collection: Liza Kavanagh

Based in Co. Kildare, Liza is a visual artist and art educator whose work can be found in both public and private collections worldwide. After gaining her BA in Fine Art Liza went on to work in event management and design before commencing her career as a full-time visual artist. She works from her studio close to the famous Curragh plains in her home county.

Lizas paintings are an exploration of the rhythm and harmony to be found within the repetition of shape and form. The work is a dialogue with everyday vessel objects and a re-imagining of their intrinsic but often unseen beauty in large visual compositions. She is drawn to the harmony that arises from the interplay of repeated objects, each vessel shape is unique, often irregular and yet as a whole they contribute to transforming the solitary and utilitarian into a rich visual narrative.

Her use of subtle layered hues interspersed with bursts of stronger colour create paintings full of contrasts and yet each piece also allows for the delicate interplay of other elements such as line, shape, pattern and form.

Lizas work celebrates the simplicity of the utilitarian objects we surround ourselves with and invites the viewer to contemplate the subtle nuances and beauty that lies within the ordinary.

These visually strong, compositionally balanced and harmonious pieces remind us to slow down, to look and to re-imagine.