Collection: Laura Gray

Laura Gray is an abstract expressionist painter from Belfast born in 1995.  She graduated from Ulster University in 2016 with a degree in Fashion and Textile Design specialising in printed textiles.  Gray’s paintings explore the physical and emotional connection an artist has with contact on canvas – to become lost in the act of painting. Each piece is a physical embodiment of thought through abstraction as automatism allows the painting to take on an organic life of its own, turning other wise incoherent thoughts and emotions into something tangible. The gentle hues within her work are dominated by darker tones, shadows and scoring, weaving recognisable form and structure out of chaos. Each piece is created using acrylics, inks and procion dyes, with the use of sticks to add intricate detailing and scoring. Gray’s work mimics the rugged and nostalgic landscape colours of her childhood, disrupting the idea of a traditionally perceived landscape painting.