Welcome to my first solo exhibition 'Breaking Through'!

'Breaking through' resonates with me in  two distinct ways;

My paintings always depict an area of light often in contrast to a darker area within the composition (or painting), for me this emergence of light through darkness reflects breaking through battles, struggles and negativity into a positive energy of hope, serenity and love.

'Breaking through' also reflects my journey as an artist.

I have painted all of my life but until 5 years ago I always preferred to paint realistically.  I did this because I believed that painting in this way was the hallmark of an accomplished artist.

Diving into expressionism was a massive step out of my comfort zone but for the first time, instead of using a photograph for inspiration, I was now using my intuition, my emotions and my memories.

I started to paint with freedom and joy, I broke all the rules and allowed my intuition to be my guide.

 When my new expressionist work was well received and being collected  around the world, I knew I had broken through that personal barrier I had created for myself.

I followed my gut and found my creative and happy place!

I'm so proud of this collection. Every mark made, and paint stroke applied is a little piece of me.

Ciara Gilmore 2023

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Available Artworks

Born in Belfast , Northern Ireland, Ciara discovered her love of art from an early age and never stopped creating even during her time as an occupational therapist and complimentary therapist.
Following the birth of her two children, a natural break in work inspired her to say goodbye to conventional employment and follow her dream of becoming a full time artist. Self taught, she found her groove in textile art for a while then progressing to abstract expressionism which finally felt like home.
Today Ciara paints in her garden studio and her art adorns walls around the world.
Ciaras art strives to portray a sense of the energy that is unspoken and unseen, often described as ethereal, divine or heavenly. Her paintings demonstrate how this celestial energy can touch our very physical realities, merging to become part of our very existence.

Her paintings inspire a connection to this powerful eternal force emitting a feeling that it is right there, within reach, touching our very souls.

Painting intuitively, a sense of magic is created by the juxtaposition between celestial softness and the grounded reality of the earth. The viewer is left with a feeling of peace, love and connection