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Gavin Lavelle

Were You Me?

Were You Me?

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Mixed media on canvas by Gavin Lavelle 

50x60cm unframed

66x76cm framed in washed white frame with AR99 ArtGlass

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I have a passing interest in Surrealism and admire some of the Italian tangents especially Carlo Carrà and Giorgio Di Chirico. The tower is a reference to the latter, and I like especially the structure and colour of his paintings. 

I prefer a less Mediterranean palette for my own pieces. So I wanted a fertile coastal landscape with Italian and Japanese motifs and patterns, with a bit of Brueghel lurking in the distant lagoon.

The giant seabird dominates, observed by reptiles and small birds, but is approached by a momento mori, the skull in Arcadia. 

The foliage is mostly painted but features pearl and turquoise jewellery as well as semi- precious gemstones. 

The painting is acrylic and collage on gesso panel, presented behind AR99 ArtGlass

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