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Limited Edition Print 'Portrait of a Modern Family'

By Connor Maguire

Limited Edition Print 'Portrait of a Modern Family'


Limited Edition print of 200

Available in sizes 50x50cm and 70x70cm unmounted 

"Portrait of a Modern Family" by Connor Maguire (Was on exhibit in the National Gallery of Ireland - Zurich Portrait award prize)

Portrait of a Modern Family is my portrayal of family life in 2018. With demanding work roles, the daily school run, appointments on all sides meeting punctual timelines, trying to maintain order within a family can feel impossible at times. Digital technology has taken over, with social media infecting all of us in one form or another, and there is a lack of interaction and connection within the family. My painting shows a true reflection of what our house can look like most days at dinner time, as we try to maintain order in what looks like a chaotic scene. Everyone is focusing their attention in opposite directions, looking elsewhere rather than facing each other sitting round a dinner table. The mother is unwinding after a full day’s work, focusing her attention on a newspaper while eating dinner. The boy in the red shirt is focused on his tablet while eating his dinner completely disconnected from everyone in the room. The youngest child, who the father is trying to please, is focusing on the television, waiting for his favourite children’s channel to come on. The father is, at the same time, helping to prepare dinner for all after just returning home.


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