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Béal Feirste l

By Andrew Gault

Béal Feirste l


Original acrylic onboard

27x40cm unframed

I wanted to explore the dual traditions in Belfast especially as we get closer to Remembrance Day, this is the last view many had of home, and the first view fewer had returning. The name we call this city should not define us, it is the same place, home, regardless of when we arrived.

I need a painting trip to Scotland soon, I miss the Highlands, Laphroaig will have to do in the meantime. ..
“The starved and ill equipped remnants of Charles Edward Stuart’s Highlanders, faced the well fed, well armed Government force of Cumberland. What followed was not a romantic heroic battle but the murder of the Highlands”.
- Alastair McDonald
Aren’t all wars just the same...


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