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Solimar Nogueira was born in Brazil and currently lives and works in Northern Ireland. Although Solimar qualified as a Doctor in Linguistics, Literature and Modern Languages her passion lies in the beauty and freedom of putting colour and expression together in the form of fine arts.

In her recent series “Simmer Dim” the artist invites the viewer to travel her journeys and understand its development through her use of phases and techniques. But the viewer is asked to do more than view; they must immerse themselves into the main theme of the works, “Simmer Dim”: the night-long twilight found in the Northern Isles’ midsummer. No other word seems to truly capture the essence of her depictions of nature of bright nights and dark days. Compositions of mysterious simplicity, static dynamic flow and forests stuck in an almost undefinable state of day-almost-meets night create something hauntingly peaceful.

The works are full of colour and light inhabiting and thriving in darkness, of forests which cannot be understood as the product of many trees in proximity as the trees cannot be understood as mere components of the forest.
The sceneries in these works do not become by mere viewing. They must be understood in the ambiguity of their eternal twilight background, in the contradiction of vibrant colours against night and dark, and as a result of the many emotions which the artist attempted to convey and hopes that the viewer can feel.

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