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Mark Cullen

Mark Cullen is an Irish artist, born in Dublin. In his current work Mark applies oil paint to canvas with various palette knives and brushes to form common and everyday objects, or familiar sea and landscapes. Lines and shapes are marked out with charcoal. Paint is layered on, then partly scraped back with palette knives, scratched out with screwdrivers, ends of brushes, or pencils, and then heavy loads of paint are re-layered around what appear to be nervous and irregular lines but in truth are defining lines made with an absolute sureness by the artist. Mark plays with depth, scale, and perspective so that we are never certain about the plane of the subject. His interest lies in the simplicity of form and line rather than the detail, but always giving the sense of place or object. These tactile images merge with the foreground breaking the consistency of the horizontals leaving the viewer with uneasy but simple and familiar images.

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