bespoke framing by canvas : THE UNA

Following on from our series detailing some iconic canvas framing styles, let me introduce The Una Style.

Influenced by the one and only Una O'Grady, painter of cityscapes, cows and the Bloody Forelands. Una is one of our longest represented artists. Over the years we have framed up her work in a few different ways but one we always come back to is this style -

A style of floating frame with a hand finished outer frame in dark blue with hand sanded edges, seen below.

Traditionally we would have done the same style but with a white outer frame and painted the slip inside the dark blue. We are constantly experimenting with styles and techniques so we decided to test out a dark blue frame with finished edges to add more luxury to her work. The dark blue has been a hugely popular colour for us in general so we wanted to see what her work would look like with a solid wood frame painted in it. 

The Una is a great way to frame a piece to give it space and presence on the wall while letting the painting do all the talking. Either painting the frame out completely or introducing colour via the slip can bring our certain tones and compliment a space. 

Another example of her work framed but with a black outer frame and a white slip around the edges of the canvas to finish it off. The frame was painted Off Black to match the clients interiors.


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