bespoke framing by canvas

Since reopening our doors in June with our brand new look it's been non-stop!
We've had customers from all over Ireland contact us with exciting framing jobs or in search of paintings for the house/office so over the next few blog posts I wanted to go into detail about some of our signature framing styles and shamelessly self-promote them to you.
First up is our most luxurious style. We call it 'The Stephen Johnston' affectionately named after the talented contemporary hyper-realism artist, Stephen Johnston. In 2018 we launched a collection of Stephens’s limited edition prints, so we came up with this design to preserve and show off his work.
Here we have frame up a A1 sized Una O'Grady limited edition print using this style of frame.
To break it down without giving away trade secrets, it’s two sheets of glass with the print sandwiched between. They are raised off the back of the frame to create a box effect. We add our signature painted slip to tie in with the piece and voila the Stephen Johnston is complete.
Since then we have played about with this idea to leave the back exposed so the print is truly suspended in the frame. Imagine a beautiful limited edition print hanging on an exposed brick wall or some beautiful wallpaper.
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We love to push the limits of what we can do in our studio and test out new concepts. So if you have a project you’d like advice on please get in touch today.