bespoke framing by canvas: THE SUSPENDED FRAME

One thing we love most about making our own frames in house is the ability to experiment with different concepts.
Alan has been framing for over 15 years so knows his way around a length of wood. When making frames, often times we think to ourselves 'Could it be done this way as well' or 'What would it look like if I added this here or that there?'
One style we always wanted to test out was a suspended style.
It's an alternative take on our Stephen Johnston style frame with two sheets of glass holding the print in the centre. We changed it up this time by removing the back that would close off the frame and figure out a way to close it without our normal methods. 
We've framed up this Charlotte Lee print as a test run of the style. We removed the back panel and sealed the frame an alternative way. This opens up the frame to being see through but also double sided.
This frame is painted in wevet with a black 1cm slip.
If you'd like to chat about some new ways of framing, please get in touch with our team to discuss.