bespoke framing by canvas : THE COLLINS

This style we have affectionately nicknamed The Collins after one of our favourite regulars, David. David loves a good print and we wanted to do something more than just pop a white frame on and call it a day. If you have gone as far as to pick up a beautiful limited edition print then you want the frame to match. 
We have been doing this style for years and it's a really contemporary way to add colour into a frame. We usually go for a thin white frame with 1cm of colour inside BUT this is not a strict rule. 
This is a limited edition print by Niamh Gillespie Design which a customer brought to us. We opted for a light pink colour to tone in but we could have gone for bright blue or orange. 
However, as I mentioned we don't always go for a white frame. 
Recently we had a customer come to us with a few graphic prints from James Ash. We knew this print wasn't going to suit white or black so we opted for a blue 1" frame with bright orange slip. the Blue frame tones in to the print so the orange stands out with the text. 
Going further, one of the prints included a rainbow which we jumped on. 
Using a deeper style of outer frame we were able to build up the colour with 3 separate slips to create a rainbow in side the frame. 
Lastly, another take on the same style is a box frame. This Maser Art 'Home Bird' print was so striking we wanted to do something a little different for it. The glass in this frame is at the front so there's space between that and the print.
We opted for a light pink tone to contrast the bright blue as we were never going to match that exactly. It stands out and draws our eye to the print without being too fussy or traditional.
As each frame is bespoke to each print, it gives us the chance to play around with colours and sizes.
To get a quote for your own piece, get in touch today to discuss any ideas with our team.