Bespoke Framing - Why Bother?

Why not just go down to IKEA and grab a load of cheap, does-the-job white frames?
Great question. We obviously have a strong opinion on cheap framing and the standard pre-made frames you can get in the likes of Next, Homebase and of course IKEA. 
One of the biggest obstacles is the price tag associated with bespoke framing, or a bespoke service of any kind. 
We use top quality framing materials such as solid wood mouldings, conservation mounting and acid free materials. To us framing is more than just visual, its for protection, preservation, and lastly presentation. A cheap pre-made frame isn't going to protect against UV rays, moisture, or damage long term.
We keep a range of options across our materials to cover a range of budgets but ultimately we want to supply you with the highest quality service.

An example of a popular style for original artwork is our floating frame - the canvas is floated on a hand painted background then the frame is hand painted wood, hand sanded edges and hand sealed with a clear finishing wax.

Cheap framing comes at a cost. Every week we get at least one, 'The frame fell apart, can you fix it?' or 'Can you cut me glass for this frame, it came with perspex' or 'Can you string this so I can hang it?'
We always try and help when it comes to fixing broken frames, cutting mounts and glass to fit but some cheaper options we unfortunately can't touch. Maybe it doesn't have glass for a reason, maybe it's not meant to hold that much weight?
Once we make a frame, we (respectfully) never want to see it again! Every bespoke frame we make should last you a lifetime, through every house move and redecoration. The only reason to come back is to get another. ( We however, won't take offence if you fancy a re-do of a frame we've previously done.)

What We Do

Our main focus is contemporary creative framing, which is personal to each job that comes in. We use the full range of Farrow and Ball colours to hand paint frames to suit interiors and tones in the artwork. We also spend time coming up with new constructions of frames, one style we are known for is our double glass floating frames, where we suspend a print between two sheets of glass to give the illusion of floating within the frame itself. 
floating print frame with double glass
We believe framing should serve more purpose than to just put a piece on the wall. We want to give you the best advice on what to do with your projects whether that is just a nice clean, simple style or a more creative creation.

Framing Original Artwork

When it comes to original artwork, specifically on canvas, you'll be hard pushed to find a pre-made frame that will A) fit the piece but B) do the piece any justice.
We take time with each customer to discuss the wanted outcome and visual of the overall piece. Asking questions like, Where are you hanging it? Any colour scheme in the room? Any other frames to tie in with? This all feeds into what options we look at. We also want to know your budget, with the amount of styles and options that we can look at, knowing what budget you're aiming to work with is important.
quinn russell original in white framequinn russell original in black frame
Take these two pieces by Quinn Russell, two different outcomes but ultimately both suit the work. We framed on in a very simple white frame to tie in with the interiors and other pieces in the room. The second piece framed in our signature Farrow and Ball Off-Black floating frame was for a larger space with darker details in the room to tie in with. Going down the bespoke framing route give us the flexibility to cater to our customers needs.
Ultimately it comes down to the three P's - Protection, Preservation, and Presentation. And bespoke framing will cover all three, plus you get to be part of the process of making the best choice for your work.