bespoke framing by canvas: THE TWIN PEAKS FRAME

Where to begin with this beauty...
Recently we pushed the boat out all the way with this experimental frame for a customer. They left pretty much the whole concept to us and we came up with some really cool idea. 

So, the breakdown.

The print is suspended with two sheets of glass BUT not just any glass Art Glass AR70 which basically means it's near invisible at a glance but also 70% UV protective.

Overall frame design is heavily inspired by the iconic Red Room with bespoke printed backing and high gloss red slip.

The print itself is by Sean Longmore and is double sided, hence why we decided to suspend it so should you ever want to, the back of the print can be made visible.

That's a damn fine frame, even if we do say so ourselves....
If you're interested in something similar get in touch today for a quote