bespoke framing by canvas: OBJECTS

Thinking outside the box is something we often find ourselves doing.
Besides the usual prints, canvas' and photographs we often get objects in for framing. Over the years we have framed all manner of 3D pieces such as plates, golf clubs, shoes and even a fossil.
Often times it's an object of importance which gives some protection and also a means of safe display.
Take for example this wedding biscuit we recently framed
The customer had these special biscuits created to celebrate their wedding and they wanted to preserve them forever and give them a way to show them off. We created a simple box frame with an angled scoop and painted the outer frame Stiff Key blue to match the colours in the biscuit. 
Another example would be these baby ballet shoes framed for Mothers Day. Something that would have been kept in a drawer or safe spot now proudly displayed in the home. 
Lastly, another example of thinking creative when it comes to 3D pieces is this drum head, stick & VIP passes. Multiple objects can be framed together to create one piece to commemorate a night to remember. For this we have floated all the pieces on top a white mount and created a black box frame to preserve the pieces for years to come.
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