bespoke framing by canvas: EXPERIMENTING

Every so often we like to break the rules and flex our creative muscles when it comes to framing.
We’ve been doing our signature painted slip style for a while and while that's all fine and dandy we wanted to see how far we could push the boundary for bespoke framing. We recently set ourselves the task of experimenting with some different paints, like neon and glitter. 
Our 4 current neon shades
We started off by just buying a whole bundle of different types of paints and played about with how they painted up our wooden mouldings.
We settled on this brand of paint called Rust-Oleum which gave us the best neon colours at present. 
So far our neon pink has been hugely popular, seen here in a recent piece by Anna McKeown aka Pop & Toast.
anna mckeown original bottle painting framed by canvas
Anna McKeown original framed by Canvas
Anna uses neon colours in her work so it’s a no brainer!
We pulled out the bright pink and ran with it. For a small piece it has a huge impact on the wall.
detail of bottle painting framed by canvas
Detail of frame with neon painted slip
We like to keep it simple when it comes to the style of frame but we're keen to testing out the neon against other colours apposed to white. We recently completed a job with mostly neon and black in the image so we chose black for the outer frame.
Customer framing with neon and black frame
We would be keen to try out some other styles like a raw natural wood or other contrasting colours.
With the neon slips down, we wanted to go a little further and really test the limits of what can be done - but also (maybe) look good!
Can we make glitter framing a thing in Belfast?
We bought about 3 different types of glitter paint to test out. We tried out a few samples and we've come to the conclusion that the best effect is a glitter top coat over a base colour. Black and white are great but also the glitter & neon are an interesting combo and would suit a really modern graphic print.
So far we have conquered painted slips but who knows what a frame painted out in neon or glitter neon paint would look like on the right piece? Big ornate frame painted neon green.
We are still experimenting and creating some really interesting frames so get in touch if you want to collaborate or experiment with us!