about our recent rebrand

At the beginning of the year we held a team meeting to discuss the year ahead, as we do every year. After a successful 2019 we figured we wanted to enter the roaring 20's with style and a refreshed look. 

It was all going well until covid-19 hit in March which put a pause to our grand plans to complete a full renovation and rebrand. Over the lockdown we held many a zoom meeting to see what we could do behind the scenes and with the new restrictions that may have held us back. One thing is for sure, we weren't going to let this stop us.

We reopened in June 2020 with a brand new look gallery, new floor, fresh coat of paint but we knew that was just the beginning for our gallery. 

I think it's important here to stress that we are still the same team of three. We still have the same approach, it was just time to bring our visuals up to date with what we aim to do in Canvas. We still have the same values when it comes to our take on contemporary art.

The biggest change is our logo. We wanted to keep our whole rebrand clean, clear and simple but still with some personality. We worked closely with Ronan from Two Diggs Studio, who came up with all our new branding. He came up with our font, the lovely blue shade which runs throughout our visuals and the fun alternating A's in our name. 

'Having been a long time customer and admirer of the gallery I was excited to get an opportunity to collaborate with Louise, Paul and Alan on this project.

Helping re-align the brand with the high quality services they provide was a thoroughly enjoyable experience — this is largely owed to the team being very open and accepting of the creative process and outcomes.

Our outcome was inspired by the professional and contemporary environment Canvas provides and it allows the artist and their work to take center stage.

I hope Canvas are as pleased with the brand refresh as I am! ' - Ronan @ Two Diggs Studio.

Our old logo has remained mostly the same over the last 10+ years, with our big bold CANVAS text and the iconic bars. The bars above the name are a much debated subject in the gallery. What are they? Where did they come from?

Well, according to Paul, they come from one of our first ever website designs. The bars were blocked out outlines of frames/pictures on the wall which were clickable links to parts of the website. They served us well but it was time for a change. 

A rebrand had been on the cards for about a year now but our plans were hinged about launching it at the same time as a renovation. 2019 had been such a busy year we felt it best to schedule it into our 2020 plans. This included a gallery refit, a full rebrand and all new gallery frontage. 

We looked at lockdown as an opportunity for us to invest in our business while the space was closed

We've revamped our website to match our new approach, with our new colours and branding. Something that has always been important to me personally has been the transparency of what we do. This also translates to the website, we have sections detailing our framing, our consultancy and our overall approach. Our Artists page is a one stop shop for all the artists we represent and full collections of their recent work is available to view online with full details. 

We hope you like our new look as much as we do.