Canvas 2020 Framing Highlights

We made a lot of frames in 2020, despite being closed for a lot of it.

To round off the year, here are some of our favorite jobs from the last year.

Alana Barton Prints.

We completed two of these throughout the year. One painted out in our favourite pink - Nancys Blushes by Farrow and Ball, the second using their bright green shade Arsenic.
We finished these with ArtGlass, our new favourite. It has 70% UV protection and is extra clear with minimised reflections.
Read more here - Paint It Pink
Shop the artist - Alana Barton 


The Twin Peaks Frame.

One of our most popular concept frames to date. We went all out for this, gloss paint, ArtGlass, bespoke background.
Full details can be found here - Twin Peaks
Shop the artist - Sean Longmore

James Ashe Rainbow Slips

Our custom slips have been one of our biggest picks this year. We've done hundreds in any combination of colour ways but this is our most extravagant version of the style. This versions has 3 slips and a custom painted frame to tie it all in
Shop the artist - James Ashe

The Suspended Frame

Sometimes we just take a notion for something, I had this idea for a see-through frame. One that would suit pieces where you'd want to see the wall behind the print or the back of the print- we've don't this style for wedding invites which is perfect to see both front and back of the card.
One print and two sheets of ArtGlass held together with a custom painted frame and slips.
Read the full blog here - The Suspended Frame
Shop the artist - Charlotte Lee

Floating Neon Pink Pop & Toast

Anything neon, more specifically pink. Honestly it's a big hit with contemporary prints and original artwork. Here we floated an original Pop & Toast piece with foamex and pulled out the neon pink into the frame.
Shop the Artist - Anna McKeown

We Are Alive floating frame

We have a lot to credit to our southern neighbours as we have received so many amazing Southern Irish prints over the last few months. This Maser & Aches print is something special alone so we picked out a special frame for it.
What else can we say - all black frame, double ArtGlass floating frame.
You can read more about our signature suspended style here

Pink Tray Frame

A simple style but with a twist. We use this style quite often for canvases. For this original Ciara Gilmore, we painted the inside tray frame pink and added a simple black deeper frame to the outside.
Shop the artist - Ciara Gilmore
More about the frame - The Tray Frame

The Rude Neon One

And to top it all off, the controversial one....
We frame a lot of things, and in our time framing we've framed pretty much everything but every now and then something special walks through the door.
For this vintage poster we went neon, it was hard not to really.
Black wood frame and neon slips.
That's our 2020 highlights, full of colour and local art! We noticed a lot of people had been investing in local artists and designers. We must have framed over a hundred Hens Teeth Store prints and we have endless Damn Fine Print tubes lying about our store now. Plus not to mention all of our own artwork we framed on top of it all.
We hope to continue stronger for 2021 and bring even more madness to the bespoke framing scene in Belfast (and further)
See you soon
Canvas Team