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Homeland: Stephanie Noble & Una O'Grady

Homeland: Stephanie Noble & Una O'Grady

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An exhibition of brand new artworks by Stephanie Noble & Una O'Grady.

Stephanie Noble's work is a reflection of images and experiences she's collected, of places she's visited or read about. The mountains are special, she love to be in them or on them and it happened for her to paint them, as you should paint an image you love or has meaning to you. One of Stephanie's favourite things is to hear about other people’s adventures and stories in these places so they might shape her own experiences and understanding. There are often extremes of environment in the places that Stephanie choose to paint and this is mirrored in the extremes of light and shadow and colour in the paintings. A suggestion of the textures of the environment is offered by the textures presented on the canvas.

Born and raised in Belfast and now located in the countryside of Waterford, Una O'Grady paints her surroundings. Una unearths on canvas, she has a very fresh and wonderful style towards painting. The viewer can explore the hand movement, scraping and layering spontaneously. Her bold style is full of movement and immediacy and her use of daring colour and her perspective of the landscape with her unique style is what transport the observer to the landscape. Using minimal tools she works mostly with her hands to create scenes of familiarity such as Belfast cityscapes, the west coast of Ireland and the life that currently surrounds her.


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